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AquaPisces - Astrology, Ayurveda, TCM and Herbals.

The name “Aquapisces” comes from the changeover to Aquarius era from Pisces, the cuspal move from the benign Jupiter ruled Pisces into aerial, mind-persuading Saturnine Aquarius. This site - AquaPisces offers both – the aquatic thought process and the aerial, modern day implementation. One hand you get to read the Brihat Hora Shastra of Parasara with “your chart” being interpreted, on the other you get a thorough analysis of your wellness through astrological computations and alternate herbal therapies. Wise men’s interpretations are yours to keep.

Accelerate wellness not treatment

Aquapisces provides a deep insight into the Workings of Western and Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Astrological findings and insight, coupled with herbal supplements, transitory influences, dietary supplements, seasonal cleansing appear interspersed in the text borrowed from ancient scriptures. AquaPisces.COM, similar to Jotiz.COM is a free site with no annoying advertisements.


Insight Divine - Algorithms of Jotiz in Verses

Way of the Native - a treatise on Brihat Hora Shastra

Rise of the Native - algorithmic astrology (William Lilly, Varaha Mihira, Raphael)

Vedic Machine - connecting the ancient through Internet of Things.

Aquapisces is a new experience in having your chart read by the ancient seers. You can download the text in quality PDF as part of this service. You may also create different charts for your friends and family.

As makers of this software, it was important we experience before writing, what it meant to know and understand one’s Prakruti (inherent constitution) and take control of life’s helms from there. Prakruti is the multidimensional mold that made us into living organisms – the energy, force, elements, environment and others. If time stood still for that moment, it would suggest the signature of the person born to the terrestrial date, environment, stimulus, parents, society and cosmic radiations, all the things that make us unique, the reason why identical twins are not so identical. Ancient classical texts wrote on the attributes you inherit on birth and what path you choose at adulthood. That synergy between what you were, to what you made yourself into, is the true study of Vedic and Celtic astrology. As you peruse the documents and translations, you chance upon some places that you may want to visit sometime.

Disclaimer of Endorsement - Please note that any reference obtained from this server AquaPisces.COM to a specific product, process or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement.

Idea-ware - If you would like to be part of this free, open source journey, we would love to hear from you. Your contributions - monetary, ideas, code, web design, supply of herbals, logistics on delivery would go a long way.

You may contact us for any reason - query, suggestion, defect or any other.

Reading Material

Books by the author on astrology


Way of the Native

Treatise on Brihat Hora Shastra


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Rise of the Native

Algorithmic astrology (William Lilly, Varaha Mihira, Raphael)


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Insight Divine

Insight Divine

Algorithms of Jotiz in Verses.


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Convergence of ayurveda, astrology, aromatherapy, yoga and music


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