AquaPisces and Jotiz are similar products sharing the same Mystic Engine. While Jotiz is all about charts, analysis, tables and summarized information, AquaPisces focuses on the initial handshake, the apprenticeship into an astrology and herbal supplement system. Several old manuscripts and documents are being introduced into AquaPisces with a two-fold intent – (a) while you read, you learn through examples and study – your own self or someone you know and (b) what you learn can be printed and preserved for future reference. In many ways, AquaPisces is a prequel to Jotiz.

Devb Inc is a Delaware Corporation, based out of NorthEast USA. DevB Inc works mainly for research and non-profit with ancient scriptures of East, Europe, Africa and the West. Other dominant websites are,, RigVeda.Work, subscriptions collected from and are used in research and development. Gadgets, IoT devices and Software developed as distributed to the needy and for humanitarian needs.


AquaPisces software uses two distinct stacks: headless with Oracle Java, Apache Jetty and Jersey REST libraries. The ephemeris, computations and algorithms are strictly copyright of Devb Inc. User Interface - Apache Web Server, PHP, MySQL, BootStrap CDN, Google Fonts. All Trademarks and Copyrights acknowledged.

Deep Insight into the Workings of Ancient Astrology

Way of the native is an easy to follow Astrology course that provides a solid foundation for anyone interested in the myth, the art and the technology of this divine mathematical system the ancients had devised. Adapted from Brihat Hora Shastra, Christian Astrology and Brihat Jataka, aquapisces is natal, horary, dasa astrology, giving you insights about you as a person and your charter on this planet. While you have already unraveled some portions of it and have swung between gain and loss, pleasure and pain, Aquapisces can help you overcome some of the future hurdles.